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Durham Crematorium

Book of Remembrance

The Book, which is hand-made throughout, is bound in Black Morocco with pages of Goatskin Parchment. The inscriptional work is executed by hand by lettering craftsmen, making a permanent memorial comparable with, and carrying on the traditions of, the best illuminated manuscripts of medieval times.

Pages of the Book of Remembrance Book of Remembrance

A page is provided for each day of the year, and the Book remains open each day at the appropriate page so that entries may be seen on each anniversary of the date of death for very many years to come.

Standard entries are of two lines, one for the Name and one for the Date and any epitaph for which space is available, similar to those on the specimen page. The Capital letter for a standard entry is of Gold Leaf set in a Red Block. If desired, a more lengthy entry may be made. Heraldic illuminations such as Coats of Arms, Crests and Regimental Badges or Floral Emblems, may form part of an entry at an additional charge. These entries are skilfully inscribed and emblazoned in heraldic metals and tinctures, the inclusion of which greatly enriches a page.

Book of Remembrance and Memorial Card fees (PDF, 140kb)

Please Contact us to apply.

Online Book of Remembrance

There is also an online Book of Remembrance. This was created and is maintained by another company.

Personal Copies

The Authority is aware of the desire of many persons to have a copy of the inscription as it appears in the Book. It has, therefore, been arranged for Universal copies to be available either in a miniature reproduction of a Book of Remembrance or on a Folded Remembrance Card.

The Miniature Book Of Remembrance

The Miniature Book of Remembrance, size approximately 8" by 6" has a full binding in blue or buff simulated vellum, with the Cross and Glory design gold blocked on the cover in the following combinations:

  1. Blue with Floral design
  2. Blue with Cross and Glory
  3. Buff with Cross and Glory

The Book contains a title page, suitable quotation page, together with other pages of first quality paper. On the centre page, under the hand inscribed anniversary date, is a hand penned copy of the original inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance.

The Miniature Book is supplied with a glassine wrapper and protective box.

The Folded Remembrance Card

The Folded Remembrance Card, approximate size 6½" by 4¾" is available in blue or buff with either the Cross and Glory or a floral design blocked on the outside in simulated gold, and is supplied with a protective PVC coach-hide wallet.

On the inside, underneath the anniversary date, carefully inscribed by hand, is a copy of the original inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance.

Please contact crematorium for Memorial Cards / Mini Book of Remembrance, or download the following document:

Book of Remembrance and Memorial Card fees (PDF, 140kb)